Foshan SanShui District Lubao The Town Renshi Incubation Factory, founded in 1996 by Mr. Ren Yucheng through ten years of development, its products have occupied 70% of the market share of Guangdong Pearl River Delta, the company's technology is strong, and has two national knowledgeProperty Office patents. Chickens, ducks, geese, pigeons, quails, partridges, ostriches etc. The main products are a variety of hatching machine; hydropower dual-use (for large-scale hatchery), gas-electric dual-use (applies to small and medium-sized hatchery), the whole automatic, semi-automatic. The incubator machine design scientific and reasonable, the world's most advanced microcomputer control technology, the advantage of our products: high germination rate, healthy young high, low energy consumption, the highest rate of emergence, at least 5% higher than the same products! Automatic insulation equipment, energy efficient, easy to operate, safe to use. Our products are self-reliance in the aquaculture industry is highly developed Pearl River Delta region, has been exported to Asia and Africa, Latin America and other countries and regions, and our customers receive the unanimous endorsement. The Company is committed to product innovation, focus on service, I believe you and I sincerely cooperate, will be the beginning of another some brilliant entrepreneurs!

Renshi Incubation

Add:Guangdong Province Foshan City Sanshui District Lubao town of Liu Gang Lu 9 No. two (both in gas station 700 meters south toward the southwest side)

New Products
  • Model: Fully automatic hatching machine for spraying cold eggs

    Duck and goose hatching machine
    Capacity: Duck 13200, goose 6528
    Voltage: 380V 220V
    Power: 5.0KW
    Size: 2.4*2.35*2.3
    Note: fully automatic spraying cold eggs, the use of original national patent certification, waterfowl automatic sprinkler cold egg system.
  • Model: Tortoise and other reptiles hatching machine

    Model: Tortoise and other reptiles hatching machine
    Capacity: custom made
    Voltage: 220V
    Power: 1.48KW
    Size: custom made
    Remarks: fully automatic
  • Model: 鹅孵化机9REFC-6624

    This product is a kind of goose special incubation equipment, the product has 9 National Technical patents.

  • Model: Chicken hatching machine9RJF-19800

    Capacity: 19,800
    Voltage: 380V
    Power: 5.08KW
    Size: 2.4 * 2.35 * 2.3
    Note: Automatic
        The company has more than 10 years of experience specializing in the production of hatching machine, has formed a mature production system, continuing commitment to the development and production of new technologies and new products. With six national patents, a complete installation and maintenance team, integrity management, sincere service...[Full text]
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